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Open access is a much-discussed topic among the ranks of universities and research institutes these days. The mechanism needs the institutions to make all the material available in an open access, to the people. The material which is discussed here includes research papers, journal articles, books or their chapters, and conference proceedings. This allows an equal opportunity to everyone to benefit from these papers.

The open access policies are based on the mutual consent of all the involving parties. For instance, two or more universities can collaborate with each other when it comes to sharing the information over the internet, for the mutual benefit of their students. Similarly, there are certain funders and publishers as well which make open access policy a compulsory part of their framework, when collaborating either with institutes or individuals for funding and publication purposes.
Based on these observations, open access policies are of two types;

• Voluntary: The universities or institutes aren’t forced to adopt the policies of open access but these choose it on their own.

• Mandatory: The mandatory onerequires researchers (individuals as well as institutes) to act according to the policies of open access.

It is, however, seen that a majority of the content available on open access is the result the mandatory policies because the researchers aren’t always ready to maketheir work available openly for everyone.
Here, we have briefly discussed some of the mandatory open access policies for universities and research institutions.

Departmental Mandatory Policies

This policy requires different departments of the universities to ensure open access, as far as their research is concerned. This help students easily get their hands on publications and research papers.

Institutional Mandatory Policies

Institutional policies are similar to departmental mandatory policies, but at a bigger level. This mechanism isn’t limited to a single or a couple of individual departments but requires a whole institute to adopt the policies of open access.

Multi-institutional Mandatory Policies

This is a sort of policy which requires multiple institutions to collaborate with each other and make their papers and publications open. Students of one university or research institute are allowed to seek help from the papers of the other and vice versa.

Funder Mandatory Policies

Research requires a hefty amount of funding and there are many donor/funding bodies which serve the purpose. There are numerous funders who have introduced open access policy into their frameworks. This requires researchers, benefiting from the funder’s help, to puttheirresults and findings over different platforms so that others can benefit from them as well.

Publisher Mandatory Policies

Lastly, many authorities which publish research papers and journal shave rules of open access in their policies as well. The work which is being published by them is put on a host of programs from where people can get their hands on the work and can benefit from it.

These are the basic open access policies which many universities and research institutes have introduced in their modes operand and others should bring these into consideration too.